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Family News/Events

February 2003 Snowstorm Pictures
George & Sharon's Trip to New Zealand and Australia!
Day at the Harbor Touring Op Sail
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Family Members' Pages

George's Page - Right now, this is just a link to his business' site.
Sharon's Page - I don't think this is being used yet. I think it's going to become a recipe page.
Pete's Page - An exploration of the things he loves; philosophy, music, politics, etc.
Phil's Page - Probably about his friends and his football.
Bill Skillman's Geneaology Site - A great site for Skillman family-tree stuff.

Useful Websites

Check the Weather in Catonsville
Really Good Radar Here

What's on TV Tonight?

Calorie Calculator

Google - The best search engine on the 'net.
Refdesk - This site has a lot of research materials, trivia, and generally interesting things to look at and do.
XRefer - This place is supposed to be a cross-referencing search engine for dictionaries, encyclopedias, and quotes online.
Excite - E-Mail, Searching, News, Sports, Weather, etc.
Yahoo! - Same as Excite, bit of a different approach.
Hotmail - the most popular E-Mail site in the world. It's owned by Microsoft, and constantly overcrowded.
BCPL Homepage - A good place to search, especially for research projects.
Jim's Useful-Stuff Page - Very good tools for searching that we use at the library.
Live Maryland Traffic Reports and WebCams (this is pretty cool stuff)