Over a few days in February, we accumulated almost 30" of snow. It was the largest snow fall on record in Baltimore, and it was the largest that any of us ever want to see again. Luckily, we have some pictures to remind us just how much white stuff there was.....

George working hard with the shovel

Sharon working equally hard to figure out when the plow is coming to save us.

When Pete pulled his car out to make room to shovel, a perfect cast of the side of his car was left behind. Look at how much snow was squeezed between the cars!!

A closer shot of Pete's doorhandle in the snow.

Overnight, the snow on top of Pete's car seems to have slid to the side perfectly intact. Sharon shovels in the background.

A closer shot of the ribbon of snow hanging off the roof.

View from the back of the car. The snow just slid right over.

After two days, we eventually got a good amount of space cleared behind and between the cars. Still no snow plow though...

Since Phil was off on a ski trip in Vermont (and since we were all VERY tired of shoveling) we decided that his car could stay buried.

A final shot of the front of the house at night with the HUGE snowpiles.