SkilmNET Linux Server

The pride of SkilmNET was the Linux server, tux. It was a wonderful machine that provided most of SkilmNET's network services that were visible from the outside world. It's also the machine that I learned server management with. Check out the list of stats:

SkilmNET Linux Server
CPU 400 MHz PII (792.98 bogomips)
RAM 224 MB
Storage 4 IDE HDDs (4.3GB, 12.6GB, 40GB, and 500MB) and a 4x CD-RW drive
Network Connection Integrated 3COM 905B 10/100 Ethernet
OS Red Hat Linux 9.0
Kernel 2.4.20-20.9
Services telnet (telnetd) - Remote Access/Control
ssh (OpenSSH) - Remote Access/Control (encrypted)
ftpd (wu-ftpd) - FTP Fileserver
httpd (Apache) - Webserver
smtpd (sendmail) - E-Mail Server
pop3 (qpopper) - Remote E-Mail Retrieval
imapd (UW IMAPD) - Remote E-Mail Retrieval
dns server (BIND) - Name resolution (internal)
mysqld - MySQL Database Server
smb fileserver (Samba)
nfs fileserver (nfsd)
streaming mp3 (Shoutcast)
Simple Network Management Protocol (ucd-snmpd)

Linux 2.4 (x86)

SkilmNET Main Server History

(at least what I remember)