sparky SPARCstation 20

While tux was the workhorse of SkilmNET, I needed to have a few more UNIX toys around the house. Since the first UNIX I worked on in my career was Solaris 2.6 on SPARC hardware, I decided to find a SPARCstation on eBay. I scored BIG TIME. It gets NO BETTER than a quad-processor, 32-bit SPARC box. Here are the stats:

"Sparky" SPARCstation 20
CPUs (4) Ross RT-625 hyperSPARCs at 100MHz each (99.94 bogomips each)
RAM 128 MB
Storage (2) Internal SCSI HDDs (4.3GB and 2.1GB)
Network Connection Built-in 10BASE-T (with a second, unused 10BASE-T port)
OS Sun Solaris 2.6
Kernel 5.6 Generic_105181-39
Services telnet (telnetd) - Remote Access/Control
ftpd (wu-ftpd) - FTP Fileserver
dns server (BIND) - Name resolution
Simple Network Management Protocol (ucd-snmpd)

Linux SPARC 2.2 Linux SMP

SPARCstation 20 Service Manual

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