SkilmNET iMac

While I love my shell-based Linux machines, I started working for AppleCare phone tech support in December of 2002. Pomona was my first Apple computer. I upgraded to a G5 iMac in 2005 and gave Pomona to my then girlfriend (now wife), Ruth.

SkilmNET iMac
CPU 800 MHz PowerPC G4
RAM 512 MB
Storage 80 GB IDE HDD and a Superdrive (DVD-R / CD-RW Combo)
Network Connection Built-in 10/100 Ethernet
OS Mac OS X 10.2.3 (eventually 10.4.11)
Kernel Darwin 6.8
telnet (telnetd) - Remote Access/Control
ssh (OpenSSH) - Remote Access/Control (encrypted)
dns server (BIND) - Name resolution (internal)
smb fileserver (Samba)

Hexley Powered by Darwin

Pomona's History


You can learn more about Mac OS X, the commercial operating system from Apple, at this website.

For those curious about the open source core of Mac OS X, Darwin, you can read more here.